What Surgical Procedures Do Orthopedic Surgeons Often Conduct For Chronic Pain Relief?

Orthopedic surgeons perform a wide variety of different surgical procedures every day. In fact, without the treatment provided by these medical professionals, many people would be suffering from a great deal of chronic pain. Fortunately, the education, training, and experience of orthopedic surgeons give them the ability to relieve chronic pain and help many patients regain their mobility as well. These are some of the different surgical procedures that orthopedic surgeons often conduct to relieve chronic pain.

Faqs About Joint Replacement: Are You A Candidate?

Stiff, painful, creaky joints are common as we age. The wear and tear our joints endure during a lifetime is tremendous, so it's no wonder some joints just out and require replacements. If you suffer from painful joints that limit your mobility, you may wonder if you're a candidate for joint replacement services. What joints can be replaced? And how long to these replacements last? Here are some answers to some common questions you and others may have about joint replacement.

Don't Skip The Post-Surgery Therapy

One of the steps for recovery after you have orthopedic surgery is often to get physical therapy. Despite insurance companies treating therapy as optional, it's really not. Even if you don't go to an official physical therapist and just have exercises assigned to you by your doctor, you need to do these to take full advantage of your body's ability to heal. The therapy is meant to restore your range of motion in a safe manner, and if you skip it, you could end up limiting your normal movements for months, if not longer.