What Surgical Procedures Do Orthopedic Surgeons Often Conduct For Chronic Pain Relief?

Orthopedic surgeons perform a wide variety of different surgical procedures every day. In fact, without the treatment provided by these medical professionals, many people would be suffering from a great deal of chronic pain. Fortunately, the education, training, and experience of orthopedic surgeons give them the ability to relieve chronic pain and help many patients regain their mobility as well. These are some of the different surgical procedures that orthopedic surgeons often conduct to relieve chronic pain.

Fusion Surgery

Fusion surgery involves using bone grafts and surgical connective devices to reattach fractured bones back together. This procedure holds the broken bone stable so that it can grow back in place and become strong and healthy again. Devices such as metal rods or screws are often used to hold the bone in place. Once there is new bone regrowth and the fracture has healed completely, the area of the body is often as strong as it was before the fracture occurred. This type of procedure is often used for those who have fractures in their spine, limbs, ankles, or feet.

Joint Replacement

As people age, it is not uncommon for various joints in the body to begin to wear down. This can cause both chronic pains and can also affect the patient's ability to move correctly. If a joint cannot be repaired, the only treatment that may relieve the patient's pain and help him regain movement might be to have the joint removed and replaced with an artificial joint. 


In some cases, a bone may not be fractured, but may not be positioned properly. This can be due to an injury or the patient may be born with this problem. When an osteotomy is performed, the bone is cut and repositioned in place so it will be properly aligned. Pins or screws may be used to hold the bone in the correct alignment while it heals.

Orthopedic surgeons also commonly perform surgical procedures to repair soft tissue. This may include repairing torn ligaments or torn tendons. This type of surgery is most commonly performed on those patients who have especially active lifestyles, such as those who play sports, lift weights, or exercise strenuously on a regular basis. Some orthopedic surgeons specialize in sports medicine as well, so they can treat those who have sports injuries both surgically and nonsurgically. They may see these patients regularly to help them continue their active lifestyles in a safe manner.

For more information on surgical procedures for chronic pain, speak to an orthopedic surgeon.