Could You Be A Candidate For Partial Knee Replacement?

If you have knee problems, your orthopedist may recommend knee replacement surgery. However, not everyone needs a total knee replacement. You may only need partial replacement. Partial knee replacements have many benefits. However, not everyone is a candidate. Whether you can get it depends on several qualifications. Keep reading to learn more about partial knee replacement, its benefits, and who is a good candidate.

What Is Partial Knee Replacement?

Your knee has three compartments. You have one inside and one outside compartment. The kneecap makes up the third compartment. Partial knee replacement refers to the removal of one compartment of your knee. Sometimes, the surgery involves removing only a small amount of bone. You will have prosthetics, but they will be minimal.

When you have a partial knee replacement, the ligaments remain in place. Total knee replacement involves the removal of those ligaments. Also, total knee replacement removes much more bone and involves larger inserts.

What Are the Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement?

The biggest benefit is the maximum conservation of natural bone tissue. Many patients recover quickly and are back to regular activities within a relatively short time. This surgery usually has less blood loss and infection risk. Your knee will have a more natural range of motion compared to if you had a total knee replacement.

What Are the Risks of Partial Knee Replacement?

All surgery has risks, and partial knee replacement is no different. You could risk an unsuccessful result and need revision surgery in the future. Your body could also reject the prosthetic. Or the prosthetic may not attach to the bone. Some people may notice increased pain when they kneel after the surgery.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Partial Knee Replacement?

If you've tried other treatments, your doctor may recommend surgery. The best candidates for this surgery are those with severe arthritis in only one part of the knee. Your ligaments and other tissue must be in good shape. You should also still have a good range of motion.

Generally, orthopedists recommend partial knee replacement for older patients. However, you could still be a candidate if you are relatively young. Good candidates are also lower in weight. You may not be a good candidate if you have inflammatory arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis.

Partial knee replacements are one way to preserve your knee's function. If you and your doctor intervene early, you may only need minimal surgery. You may not need any surgery if you see an orthopedist as soon as you have knee problems. The doctor may recommend treatments to help you keep away from surgery. Contact your orthopedist as soon as you notice any joint problems.