Anterior Hip Joint Replacement Procedure: What It Is And Signs You May Need It

The anterior hip joint replacement procedure is a surgical procedure for treating patients who have arthritis or other hip diseases. During this procedure, the orthopedic specialist will make an incision on the front of the hip in order to get access to the joint, instead of making incisions on both sides of the hip, as done in a total hip replacement.

When is Anterior Hip Joint Replacement Procedure Recommended?

Being able to live pain-free without needing medications or other help is something that everyone wants. When traditional treatment options cannot alleviate hip joint pain, it might be time to consider surgery. This procedure is highly recommended for patients with a severe hip deformity, called coxarthrosis. This form of arthritis typically causes the ball portion of the hip joint to grow abnormally large and protrude from its socket. Anterior approach hip replacement enables the surgeon to straighten or remove some of this bone and replace it with a prosthetic implant.

You may consider an anterior hip joint replacement procedure if you are experiencing these two symptoms:

1. You Have Trouble Walking and Performing Everyday Routines

This surgery can be good for you if you can't walk more than a quarter of a mile before you're in excruciating pain and need to sit down. You also have difficulties exercising, and your favorite hobbies, like golf, tennis, or skiing, are no longer possible.   

When pain constantly gets in the way of your daily life, it might be time to consider anterior hip replacement. This procedure may reduce or eliminate symptoms that restrict your ability to walk and perform everyday routines.

If simple, everyday tasks are difficult or impossible to perform without pain, you should consider an anterior hip joint replacement procedure. Surgery relieves not only pain but also stiffness, restoring your ability to walk, drive, and perform other tasks.    

2. Other Remedies No Longer Alleviate Pain

You should consider the anterior hip joint replacement procedure if you've tried physical therapy, medications, and injections to control your pain, but nothing seems to work. If exercise, anti-inflammatory drugs, or injections don't help ease your pain, you might need surgery.

The Bottom Line

The anterior hip joint replacement procedure is a total or partial surgery whereby the diseased hip joint is replaced by prosthetic components (a ball and socket to replace the natural hip). If your daily routines have become very difficult because of hip pain, talk to an orthopedic specialist about this procedure.