Attorney Tips for Dealing With Independent Medical Evaluations

If you're involved in an accident that calls for compensation to deal with injuries, an independent medical evaluation may be required. It's intended to show the extent of your injuries. If you consider these legal tips from attorneys, you'll deal with your upcoming medical evaluation correctly.

See What Is Potentially Being Disputed

Before this independent medical examination gets underway, it can help to find out what potential injuries are being questioned. It might be a broken arm or neck injury, but finding out for sure can help you make sure the right medical services are provided by the treating physician. 

For instance, if it's the extent of a back injury that is coming into question, you can make sure the physician carrying out the independent medical evaluation performs the right tests to show the exact condition of your back. This looks good too because it shows you're not trying to hide anything. 

Remain Honest Throughout

Even if you don't have a rapport with the physician that is conducting the independent medical evaluation like you do with your primary care physician, you still want to be truthful. It will help this evaluation go a lot more smoothly. 

Let the physician know what physical symptoms you've experienced since the accident that caused your injuries, being as thorough and honest as you can. If you tried exaggerating your symptoms, then the insurance company handling your claim may pick up on this and that can affect how much compensation you end up getting.

Prepare for Examination Thoroughly  

If you just went into this independent medical examination without any real preparation, then it's pretty easy to do things that could harm your injury case. For example, you may give out more details than necessary that end up hurting your claim.

A couple of weeks should be enough time to get fully prepared for everything an independent medical examination will involve. Get used to the medical questions that will be asked and the type of information you'll have to provide. This preparation is key in being accurate and consistent in your reporting, which helps you move your injury claim along just fine.

Independent medical examinations can come up for those pursuing compensation for things like personal and work-related injuries. If you take advice from an attorney that deals with these examinations all of the time, then you'll be able to protect your claim and the compensation that comes with it.