Why Your Orthopedist May Recommend Orthotics?

What are orthotics? You may have heard this term before, used to describe special footwear that can be worn to help support the arch, result in cleaner and straighter toes, and to provide you other results. You have never worn one, but your recent bone injury, surgery, or other condition has caused you to hear this word thrown around more frequently by your orthopedist so now you're curious.

Why would your orthopedist recommend orthotics to you? Here are just a few reasons why, so if this is something you end up encountering, you aren't surprised by any means.

You have a weakened or stretched arch

Have you been going to an orthopedist for an arch issue in your foot, or have you been referred to a bone and ankle specialist who is concerned about the arch in your feet? There are special orthotics that are firmer in design and able to support your foot so you get more out of your arches and can give them time to heal while also offering more support for your ankles and heels.

You've undergone heel or ankle surgery

Orthotics can help you have more support so you aren't putting so much pressure and strain on the ball or heels of your feet in general. When you have surgery, even minor corrective foot surgery, your orthotics can rescue your feet and help you heal more rapidly.

You've had recurring foot injuries

Recurring foot injuries can happen if you often stay active on your feet in general and you don't address the pain that is in your feet a lot. Your feet may be painful if you work a lot on your toes or heels, and if you don't support your injured feet with wraps or supportive shoes and other healing means, you can risk re-harming the area over and over. So, your orthopedist may recommend getting orthotics in both of your shoes so you can get the help your feet need and can prevent future injuries.

Your orthopedist may recommend either custom shoe inserts and orthotics that will help you get the most out of your experience or they may suggest using the ones that are available in their office. You want to try several different styles and follow up with your doctor visits while you are trying out orthotics so you get the most out of your experience. Your orthotics can be worn daily to help you improve your foot health.

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