5 Ways To Improve Your Posture

Sometimes, you can help reduce back pain and back trouble by working on improving your posture and spine alignment. Good posture helps to distribute your weight properly, helping to relieve muscle imbalances and tight areas. Here are some simple things you can do each day to help your posture get better.

1. Focus on Your Feet

When you walk, try to concentrate on facing your feet forward and try to imagine your calves taking your weight. If you walk with a bounce in your step, your body will automatically stand a little straighter as you use your calve muscles to push off when you walk. 

2. Imagine you have a string pulling you out. 

Many people stand slouched, with their tummy forward and their shoulders hunched. Good posture sets the shoulders back and tucks the tummy under, with a strong core. If you imagine that you have a string tied to the top of your head, it helps you to visualize proper posture and align your body properly. 

3. Wear a support belt.

Many people do not have core muscles that are well developed enough to provide the support necessary to maintain good posture. If you have a hard time supporting your natural spinal curve, you can get a posture harness to help you as you work on gaining better muscle tone. You can also use athletic tape to make an x over your back and shoulder blades, which directs your shoulders back, forcing a better form as you stand. 

4. Sit on the edge of your seat.

It's too easy to slouch forward or recline backward when sitting. Instead of depending on your chair for support, sit forward perched on the edge and focus on making your back as straight as possible. If you work in an office, invest in a chair that offers good back support for when you can't maintain an edge-of-your-seat posture. 

5. Stand as much as you can. 

Spending too much time sitting takes away the core support you need for maintaining good posture. If you sit for a lot of the day, set an alarm every 15 minutes to stand up and stretch and take a lap of the room before sitting down again. Engage your core and walk with a straight back during these standing breaks. If you have the chance to be on your computer or to read, try doing it while standing at the counter instead of while sitting down. 

Talk to a spinal care expert for more advice.