Sciatica Got You Down? 3 Steps To Relieve The Pain

If you've been diagnosed with sciatica, you know that the pain can be unbearable. While sciatica can come and go, the flare-ups can leave you unable to function properly. In addition to the treatment your doctor has prescribed you, there are some simple things you can do to help alleviate the discomfort of sciatica.

Stretch Things Out

Aggressive movements can exacerbate sciatic pain. However, mild stretching can actually reduce the pain that's associated with sciatica. If your normal exercise routine is difficult to do during a flare-up, switch to yoga. With yoga, you can carefully stretch your body, thereby releasing the tension that's building up around the nerves in your spine. Before you add yoga to your daily regimen, speak to your doctor to make sure it's recommended for your particular case.

Relax with a Massage

Sciatica can interfere with blood flow and circulation in your back and spine, which can cause flare-ups and pain. Massage therapy improves the blood flow to your back, which then improves the circulation to the areas affected by sciatica. Not only that, but massage therapy will also help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with sciatica by releasing endorphins into your bloodstream.

Move Around

Prolonged sitting can lead to sciatic flare-ups. If your work requires you to sit for prolonged periods of time, you may find yourself suffering from an increased number of flare-ups. You can help relieve the discomfort and reduce the number of flare-ups you experience by adding some movement to your workday. If going for a walk during the day is out of the question, try stretching several times a day. If you're required to stay at your desk, simply stand up for several minutes during each hour and stretch. This will help improve your circulation, and reduce the pain and discomfort you experience.

Heat Things Up

Sciatic pain can be relieved through heat therapy. One benefit of heat therapy is that you can apply heat while you're at home or at work. While you're at home, apply a heating pad to your lower back. For heat treatment while you're at work, you can make your own personal microwavable heat pad. Fill a sock with beans or uncooked rice and tie it closed. Heat the sock in a microwave for about two minutes and then place the sock on your lower back.

If you've been diagnosed with sciatica, be sure to follow the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. In addition, use the simple steps described above to help bring relief from the pain. For more information, contact local professionals like Gotham City Orthopedics.