Types Of Emergency Oral Surgeries

In a lot of situations, oral surgery is something you plan on and have a window of a few weeks to prepare for. You spend those weeks getting the necessary time off work, talking to friends about oral surgeons, and scheduling an appointment with the dentist who got the best reviews. But there are situations in which you don't have that luxury. Sometimes, an emergency situation comes up and you need immediate treatment.   

What Makes it an Emergency

Typically, emergency care is needed in the case of trauma. Trauma is often the result of an automobile accident, participation in impact sports, or work-related injuries. In cases like these, you have to seek immediate medical attention and the longer you wait, the worse your pain and the prescribed treatment will be. Emergency oral surgeons are open 7 days a week, and you can walk into many offices without calling ahead. Emergency situations include:

  • Jaw Misalignment or Fractures
  • Teeth Knocked Loose
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Impacted Teeth
  • Teeth Knocked Out

Types of Oral Surgeries

When you know you have to get surgery done, but don't know what exactly you're going in for, it can really stress you out. But emergency care should feel like any other type of dental care – it's just unexpected and immediate. These are the types of surgeries used to treat the above problems:

  • Facial Surgery: To treat misaligned or fractured jaws, facial surgery may be necessary. This surgery could include manually readjusting the jawbone as well as removing pieces of bone to promote aligned healing.
  • Dental Crown Surgery: Cracked and loose teeth might require a minor surgery to remove any bits that are pushing into your gums. Your gums must also be treated for possible infection and damage. Once this is done, a crown is placed over the teeth to prevent further damage.
  • Root Canal Surgery: If cracks extend into the roots of your teeth, root canal surgery is the solution. Your gums must be opened up to expose the roots, and dental sealant is used to fuse the crack.
  • Dental Implant Surgery: If your teeth have been knocked out, you are likely to need false teeth. Dental implants maintain jaw structure and have a good success rate.

When it comes to a dental emergency, you don't have time to search out your favorite dentist and get on a waiting list for treatment. Emergency dental clinics are prepared for walk-in patients with unexpected oral problems. They are equipped to perform emergency surgery and relieve you of oral pain.